Summer Skincare


So, as much as I love makeup, I think I love skincare even more. Ok, maybe not more, but probably just as much. Because, how good is your makeup if the canvas you’re working with isn’t soft, smooth, even, and glowing all on its own? That’s where great skincare comes in, and I’m a firm believer in taking care of your skin and the effectiveness of great skincare products.

All of our skin changes due to seasonal changes, climate/environment changes, hormonal changes, pregnancy, etc. and, since it’s summer AND I’m pregnant, I started to notice my skin was unusually drier than normal. I immediately began searching for an ultra-hydrating skincare regimen that my skin was in desperate need of, and because of my little babe, I needed a line that used safe ingredients for pregnancy. I was super excited when I found the Mario Badescu line, because their products are (as they say) simple, gentle, and effective.



After reading so many rave reviews, and talking with skincare specialists at Nordstrom, they pointed me in the right direction to products that would work well with my skin and what my skin was needing. I tend to take a “less is more” approach, because when I use too many lotions, creams, and serums all doing different things, my skin cells don’t know what to do and it can be too much for my skin to handle. I like to be gentle with my skin and find products that don’t use harsh ingredients or chemicals, so that I’m not further damaging my skin with the products I’m applying.

I am not a skincare specialist or esthetician, so I’m not speaking with expertise, only with experience, and this is what I have found works for me. Take a look at my morning and nighttime skincare regimen, with direct links to the products below.

First, I start with the Mario Badescu Cleansing Milk with Carnation and Rice Oil. This milky cleanser, infused with antioxidant-rich oils, nourishes dehydrated skin without stripping its natural moisture. I’m not kidding, after one use, I noticed my skin felt smoother and softer, and it’s only gotten even more smooth and soft with continued use. My skin feels extremely moisturized BEFORE even putting on any moisturizer. It’s seriously the BEST, and what’s even more incredible, it’s only $12 for a 6oz bottle! So, basically, you need to get you some NOW! You’re welcome! 😉



Check it out here.

Next, I use my Rodan and Fields AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller. I love this roller, because on its own, it helps the skin appear firmer, smoother, fades the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and pores, and gently exfoliates the skin to aid in skin cell turnover. It’s also said when used with serums/lotions, it helps them work better and do the job they’re intended to do, by allowing the product to work in the deeper layers of the skin. Since I no longer use my R+F regimen, I still use the roller and see great results with other regimens. This bad boy is a hidden gem and has really helped to even out my skin tone/texture and brighten my complexion.



Check it out here and find a local R+F specialist that can give you more info/help you order.

After rolling, I use the Mario Badescu Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C. This moisturizer is formulated with rejuvenating vitamin C enhanced hydration that gives skin a healthy glow. It seriously brightens the complexion, evens out the skin tone and texture, and restores dull skin’s natural radiance. I’ve noticed my skin is glowing so much more than normal, and it’s not because I have a “pregnancy glow!” 😉 This stuff is the real deal, and it didn’t take months of use to see results! YES, PLEASE!



Check it out here.

For morning, that completes my skincare routine. Short, sweet, and simple, but, extremely effective! I just use what gets the job done, and the less time and products it takes is a major bonus as a mama with a toddler. I only get so much time, so, this is huge for me! For night, I finish my routine with the Rejuvi Eye Repair Gel. This rejuvenating eye gel restores skin’s moisture, while reducing under eye circles and puffiness. It helps to repair and hydrate the extremely sensitive skin around the eyes, and the cooling sensation from the gel feels so good when applying. I’ve been using this eye gel for a long time, and no matter how little sleep I get, I never wake up with tired eyes. I’ve also noticed it’s great for allergies, because the first thing I notice with my allergies, are red, itchy, swollen, puffy eyes, and this gel helps to reduce it dramatically!



Check it out here.

Feel free to message me with any questions you have regarding the products or how to use them. These little, but mighty, products are packed with powerful stuff, that I am sure you all will love, just as much as I do! Don’t hide behind your makeup, and love the skin you’re in! It’s a breath of fresh air.

From my heart to yours,



Tarte Beauty Review




I’ve always been a huge fan of the Tarte beauty line, and recently I’ve discovered some new life changing products that are just so good, I had to share them with you! Ok, so maybe life changing is a bit dramatic, but you get the point..they’re fabulous.

Let me start by giving you a little background on the line itself. <<from the Tarte site>> Tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty, offering cruelty-free cosmetics infused with skinvigorating™ ingredients like superfruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients. But it’s not just about what’s in our powerful formulas; it’s what’s not in them that really sets us apart! All of our products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten, just to name a few.

Basically, this rockstar line is good for your skin and truly performs, which is why after discovering this line, I quickly became obsessed. And, on top of it, their pretty packaging is to die for!

Here’s what’s in my bag from my latest beauty pick-up..


So, anyone else a huge fan of bronzer?? I swear I’ve spent more money on bronzer than anything else in my life. (again, that might be a bit dramatic..but, I could do this all day..) I’ve long searched for that right balance of sun-kissed glow and light shimmer, as to not be a sparkly pumpkin or anywhere on the orange spectrum. That is where Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in the Park Ave Princess shade comes in. Ahhhhh…perfection. It gives me the exact just-been-kissed-by-the-sun look I’m going for. Have I just been to the beach? Have I been riding my bike to the farmer’s market? No one knows…but, I’ve got the glow 😉

What’s even better is that the bronzer is waterproof, which is perfect for warm weather, summer, vacation, or intense sweating. And, let me tell you, being a prego at the beach in 100+ degree weather, you are intensely sweating, and that bronzer doesn’t budge. *cue happy dance!*


I also absolutely love setting sprays. I’ve used everything from the ELF setting spray to Urban Decay’s all nighter spray, but the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist is truly unlike the rest. Not only does it lock in your makeup and keep it from moving, melting, fading, etc., but, it is formulated with vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin, and truly hydrate the face. Bonus, it smells incredible. Here’s what Tarte has to say about their spray <<from the Tarte site>>A multipurpose setting spray that primes, sets, hydrates, & refreshes skin while locking down makeup for 12 hours & smoothing the look of fine lines & wrinkles.

Seriously, this stuff is amazing-I call it my mermaid spray. I spray it on my face after I complete my beauty routine, and then throughout the day when I need a refresher. Somehow, it awakens the skin and “wakes up” tired makeup, to make it look fresh again. I absolutely love it and cannot get enough! I promise, your life, and beauty regimen, will forever be changed in the best way possible. And, I’m not being dramatic, AT ALL 😉


So, I may be old school, but I don’t care. I love lipstick. I love it WAY more than gloss. I think it makes the lips look fuller, softer, and more plump, and the application is so much smoother. Tarte’s lipstick is so creamy smooth, it makes your lips feel so silky and it goes on like butter. I recently discovered this new Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in the shade Salt Lyfe, and it has quickly become my go-to. I prefer a more natural lip, and this mauve gray accents my natural pinky lip, creating a perfect nude-pink pout.



Anyone else love a good illuminator?? Tarte comes in with the Tarteist PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter in the shade stunner for the win. This light-reflecting liquid highlighter illuminates the skin, giving you the perfect, dewy glow. I also love how light bounces off the highlight, casting pretty light on your face in pictures or outside in the sunlight. It creates this perfectly lit-from-within effect on the skin, which is absolutely beautiful. You can’t go wrong with this opal/pearlized shade-perfect for every skin tone.


For my birthday, I was pretty stoked when the gift option available included a Tarte cheek and lip combo. Of course, I chose that set, and I’m in love with them. I only got a small, travel size, but I’m already planning on picking these up, once I run out. The Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in the shade Paaarty is the perfect nude, for a soft look. And, it truly lasts as long as it says it does. The Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit is a full coverage, liquid lipstick, with a matte finish, to create a natural pout. I love this one, because it’s super smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips, like a lot of matte lipsticks do.


I absolutely love so many of their products, and I could rave about them all day, but you gotta just take my word for it, and try them for yourself. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the products, the effect of how well they perform, and the gorgeous packaging that you get to hold in your hand while applying. Because, doesn’t everyone love a bag full of pretty makeup to get you excited for your beauty routine? 🙂

Check out a couple photos below for a more up close look at the beauty products.



Get glowing, girls!

From my heart to yours,


Charlotte is TWO Sweet




How do I have a TWO year old?? You know when your baby is born and everyone always says, “oh, it goes so fast!,” and you don’t want to hear it or even think it? Your days seem endless and the nights go far too quickly with lots of feedings and little sleep. You’re in survival mode and just trying to get by, while soaking up every ounce of this perfect, tiny little human that you get to call yours. It’s the most amazing time in your life, and the last thing you want to think is that it’s going to go by fast.

You want this little baby to stay your little baby forever. I can actually remember crying on the way home from the hospital, thinking about Charlotte getting married one day and moving out, and she hadn’t even moved in! <<HORMONES!!>> 😉 From the moment she was born, I’ve been trying to hold onto that baby for as long as possible. Looking back, everyone was right. It DOES go by fast. And, it’s NOT fair!! She’s only 2, but it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home and starting our life with her. Those days of feeling like a constant milk maker, a constant machine, a constant bed for my daughter to sleep on–they seem like just a short, small snippet of time, that once felt like an eternity. Those days of blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) feel like a blink in time that I hardly remember!

I wish at the time, I could have understood that those-let’s face it-HARD days were fleeting, and even though there would be hard days ahead, as I learned my child, learned motherhood, and learned myself, things would get easier. Now, being 2 years in, life hasn’t slowed down, and in fact, I think it only continues to speed up. Especially my days of toddlerhood and pregnancy–my days are literally flying by, and before we know it, we’ll have two of these munchkins running around!

Motherhood has taught me so many things-many of which only pertain to me, because of my unique experiences with Charlotte-BUT, I think there are 3 universal lessons that all mamas can relate to! Here are just a few things that I’ve come to learn over the past 2 years and want to remember as I’m about to embark on this chapter of my life, once again.

  1. You can’t spoil your baby by cuddling them too much. Babies need love and attention, and the more you hold them, cuddle them, snuggle them, lay with them, play with them, and soak them up, they will feel so loved and the bond you have with them will only grow stronger. Don’t feel bad if you don’t want to put your baby down! As I said, this time goes by fast, and they are only this little once, so by all means, you go ahead and hold that baby for as long as your heart desires. I firmly believe it helps mamas feel better during those postpartum days, as well. I mean, is there anything like holding a newborn in your arms?? 🙂
  2. Do what works for you and your baby. Everyone is different, right?? And, that’s no exception to babies. Therefore, no mother and child experience is the same, and the way we do things won’t be the same. We have to cater to the wants and needs of our child, which may look drastically different from the mama next to you, and that’s perfectly OK. I remember stressing over not doing things “just right” or “by the book,” but it didn’t matter, as long as my baby was growing and thriving, and feeling loved and nurtured. In the end, do what works for you and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the choices you are making for you and your family.
  3. Babies will hit their milestones on their own time. I remember feeling anxious, at times, to make sure Charlotte was getting in her tummy time to make sure she had good head control and the muscles developed to roll over. Then, making sure we worked on rolling over, once she had done it on her own. Then, working on sitting up, crawling, walking, talking..etc. But, as I said before, every baby is different, and they will all hit their milestones at different times. I remember people asking me if Charlotte had done a certain milestone, and when she hadn’t, I would stress thinking I hadn’t done enough to help her get there. Then, as it turns out, she was an early walker and talker, and all that worrying was for nothing! It’s so easy to compare one child to the next, but we have to remember our baby is unique, our situation is unique, and they all will learn and get there on their own time.

I definitely haven’t learned all there is to know, nor do I have all the answers, but Charlotte has taught me so much during her short, little life already. But, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I was capable of loving her more than I ever thought possible, and my love for her only continues to grow, just as she does. As much as I don’t want my little girl to grow up, I absolutely love each new phase, getting to know her better, seeing more and more of her personality shine through, and getting to experience new things together. Motherhood is pretty sweet, but Charlotte is even sweeter.


Check out more photos from her 2nd birthday party with links to where I ordered her desserts, decor, and dress to capture the perfect vintage Ice Cream Parlor theme!



The colorful balloons and gold #2 balloon, along with the table skirt, table runner, and pink backdrop, are all from Party City! They have SO much for parties, and even though the store is overwhelmingly HUGE, there is a lot of good stuff in there for great prices! Check out their site, here.


The pink honeycombs, the dessert napkins, and the dessert platters are from Target. The honeycombs can also be hung, but I think it’s fun to use them in different, creative ways, as well! Check out their party supplies here.

IMG_4957Her ice cream cone cookies and cake pops are from Cakes By Christine. I found her on FB for a previous party, and I absolutely fell in love with her work! Not only does she make her sweets look incredible, but they taste incredible, as well! Check out her FB page, here. She does custom orders, she’s very reasonable, and her work is always spotless!

Her cake and cupcakes are from Sam’s Club! I know, right?! But, we’ve been using this secret gem for years! Their cakes are delicious and EXTREMELY reasonable! For her cake and cupcake duo, it was less than $15!! Yup, you read that right! Also, they work with you on colors and design to help create a custom look, perfect for your party. Check out their bakery, here.


Her ice cream, cones, and toppings are also from Target!


Her dress is from Matilda Jane, and it’s already sold out, but they have the cutest selection of whimsical outfits and dresses, that would be perfect for parties, or any occasion! Check out their adorable collection, here.

Her shoes are Cat and Jack from Target, and you can find them here. AND, they are on clearance right now for less than $10!!

Her bow is from Little Poppy Co, and it came in our June subscription. They have adorable bows that you can sign up to have delivered to you each month, as a set of three, that are perfect for the season! Check out their site, and the bows from previous months, here. And, for my review and more detailed information, check out my previous post about their bows, here.

I love this little girl more than LIFE! Does she REALLY have to grow up?!..I’m going to go drown my tears with some ice cream..since, mama can’t have her wine 😉

From my heart to yours,


Girl Mama




Can I be real for a minute? I mean, raw, brutally honest, somewhat uncomfortably REAL?? I’m not really sure when being excited for women and offering a congratulatory remark turned to offering unsolicited advice, biased opinions, and down right rude commentary? Being a mama today is hard. SO hard. I don’t mean that babies have suddenly become more difficult over time and we suffer more than previous mamas.. No, unfortunately, it’s the mamas that have become more difficult over time and I’ve yet to figure out why we are so quick to attack one another instead of band together?? We have enough going against us–the screaming babies, the strong-willed toddlers, the “threenagers”, the rebellious teenagers..We need mamas on our side that we can relate with, when no one else understands. But, why is this increasingly difficult??

I feel like we can’t do anything without being questioned or scrutinized, and no matter what we do, we’re being judged. From the moment I became pregnant with my first, women were so quick to tell me everything I needed to do and everything I must never do, and my excitement soon turned to worry. I was stressed when I should’ve felt blessed. I remember feeling guilty when I didn’t stick to the “must-do’s” or “must-dont’s” when they didn’t work for me, and feeling like a failure because of it! I remember feeling so defeated when after nearly 3 months of breastfeeding my baby girl, my supply completely decreased and dried up after suffering severe mastitis for 3 weeks, and I had to give my baby formula. I sobbed like a baby when I had to reluctantly give her a bottle, but my tears soon turned to joy when I saw my baby was actually full and satisfied. I was so nervous to tell other mamas that I could no longer breastfeed and that my baby was…formula fed. *gasp*

Even after explaining away why this was necessary for my baby and our unique situation, I STILL had mamas shame me and make me feel like I was making the biggest mistake for my child. But, here’s the thing. I shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. This is MY child. MY baby. MY gift from God and no one else’s. So, when did MY baby’s nutrition and development suddenly become YOUR problem to worry about?? And, do you really care about my child or is it more important to prove your point and push your opinion on me, to make me feel like a failed mother?

Because, honestly…that’s exactly how I felt. I’ve had to learn the hard way to wear thick skin and stick to my guns. There is nothing like a mother’s intuition, and we know exactly what is best for our babies, and NO ONE or NOTHING should ever make us feel otherwise. I was hopeful, thinking this was just a first-time mama problem, but oooooh, was I so wrong..

From the moment I announced that I was having a second baby, the on pour of questions and unsolicited advice began to overwhelm me once again. Do you know how many people have already asked me if I’m going to breastfeed?? Ummm…What?? Again, why does this concern you?? People are also so quick to discourage me about ever getting my body back. Like, as if, having one baby is no problem, but TWO babies?! You might as well throw in the towel, give up, crawl into a hole and accept that you’re never going to be able to rock your skinny jeans again. I’ve also been told that I won’t be able to handle a toddler and a newborn. That I should just accept defeat and never leaving the house for 12 months. And, my favorite..”What are you having??…ANOTHER girl??…Did you wish it was a boy??…Oh, wow, you’ll have your hands full!…Oh, dear, get ready for constant drama!…How does your husband feel–he must be disappointed?…Do you think you’ll have a third to try for a boy?”…

Can I tell you how deep this one hurts?? As if I should be upset about the child that was given to me that I have absolutely NO control over. As if I should feel like a failure because I couldn’t give my husband a son. As if I should wish I was given something different, that if I had a boy my life would be so much better somehow, that I should accept having two girls is not something to be excited about.. I even had anxiety before finding out what we were having, that if it wasn’t a boy, I would be disappointing people, in a way.. What?!..NO!!! This is NOT ok!! This is my child! My baby! My calling to be a mama to TWO beautiful baby girls, and I am 110% ok with this!! I’m better than ok with this, I am ELATED about this!!

This means I can give Charlotte a sister, a forever best friend, a special bond that I’ve never gotten to experience myself, another girl to share things with, to enjoy girly things with, to pass down special things to-including my middle name, to experience a new mother daughter relationship. BUT, why should I feel the need to have to explain to people why I am excited about my baby?? About the little life that’s growing inside of me..the little heartbeat that brings me to tears EVERY TIME I hear it..the squirmy, kicky bundle of activity that I get to feel on a daily basis..Why does anyone feel the right to steal my joy?

Honestly, I have yet to find an answer. But, what I have found is a good, support system of women around me that lift me up, encourage me, relate to me, understand me, and give me so much love that all the negativity just melts away…mostly.. I mean, I’m still human, and those comments still hurt, but at least when it’s all too much, I have a great backbone to turn to, along with my husband and family, to bring me back to reality. Because, the reality is, I am having a second baby girl, I will have a newborn and a toddler, it will be a challenge, but these are all GOOD things. These are all things to be excited about, to be thankful for, to be able to talk about with positivity. This is what I was given by God, who saw it fit for our family, who blessed me to be a mother of two daughters, and I couldn’t feel more proud.

I know I have a difficult, demanding, challenging road ahead. But, I also know just how rewarding motherhood is and I am so ready for this new challenge. And, I’ve never been a person to shy away from a challenge. 😉



Check out my adorable tee from Rachel Rene Designs and how I’ve styled it below. It is the softest polyester/cotton blend material and I love that it reflects how proud I am to be a girl mama! Check out her stuff  here, she has amazing work!! Or, join her FB page, here for more designs, promos, giveaways, etc. ALSO, she can create anything custom for you, as well. Yes, please! 🙂


Girl Mama Tee is Rachel Rene Designs, and you can find it here.

Shorts are Altar’d State, and you can find similar ones here. ALSO, their shorts are all 2 for $50 right now! Go check em out!

Shoes are Adidas Originals, and you can find them here.


Flannel is Dry Goods, and you can find a similar style here. And, this one’s on sale for less than $20!

Hoodie Jean Jacket is Dry Goods, and you can find an almost exact same style here.

Black Athletic Leggings are Victoria’s Secret Sport, and you can find them here.

Black Quilted Sneakers is She Is Boutique, and you can find them here. At only $22, these are a freakin STEAL!!

Black Aviators are BP, and you can find them here.


Black Hoodie Leather Jacket is Dry Goods, and you can find a similar style here.

Black Athletic Cropped Leggings are Lululemon, and you can find them here.

Grey Sneakers are Mossimo, and you can find them here. They are on clearance right now for $12.50!! Go snag them before they’re gone!


Happy Shopping!!

From my heart to yours,


Fit for Baby..and for Life


Taking the time to workout and eat healthy isn’t always easy, but if you make it a lifestyle, it totally can be. By creating a lifestyle of balance, there’s room for all the fun stuff, and you don’t have to eliminate social situations because you have to stick to a certain “diet.” And, let’s be serious..we all need the fun stuff in our lives. 😉

I’ve always been a naturally healthy eater and lived an active lifestyle, so I guess I have a bit of an unfair advantage. But, since I’m often asked about my health and wellness regimen, I thought I would share my daily routine.

Let me start by saying that I don’t just do this to be “fit”-although, that is a nice perk that I definitely enjoy!-but, I do this to be healthy, to feel better, to be more energized, to feel more confident, to have a healthier pregnancy/better delivery, and to just take care of myself. I firmly believe that if you take time to take care of yourself, you can better take care of your family, because they get the best you. And, doesn’t your family deserve the best you?? 😉


For everyone, taking care of ourselves looks drastically different. I’m not claiming to be a fitness expert or a dietician, I have just learned health tips and tricks over the years and have found what works for me! This is my current routine that I’ve been doing before and during this pregnancy with baby number two.


Here is what taking care of myself looks like for me..



First thing in the morning, I drink 8oz of water to jump start my metabolism and wake my body up. I’m not a huge breakfast eater, and I’m not one that is typically hungry when I first wake up, so to “warm up my stomach” I eat a banana and drink a peach mango v8 energy drink.

Mid Morning-

A couple hours after my banana and juice, I eat 3 hard boiled egg whites, and drink 8oz of water. This gives me my much needed protein and prepares me for my workout.


During my workout I drink a 16oz bottle of water, along with my Plexus pink drink. This is an all natural supplement that gives me energy, boosts my metabolism, helps my digestive system, and helps my body function the way it was meant to! I can’t say enough great things about my pink drink and I definitely rely on it to help me get through my workouts.


For lunch, I usually eat approximately 4oz of grilled chicken, a bowl of mixed berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), and some sugar snap peas-sometimes cherry tomatoes, as well, but those veggies tend to vary. I also have another banana, because I’m obsessed, and I drink a bai coconut water. I love this water because it has no artificial sweeteners, its non-GMO, and it has electrolytes, which I need since I tend to easily get light headed/dizzy. I’m prone to passing out, and I have found these waters help me A LOT!!

Mid Afternoon-

About 2hrs after lunch, I need a snack. Haha! I’m not one that can eat a lot in one sitting, so I tend to munch throughout my day, which also helps to keep my metabolism going strong. For my snack, I usually have 2 light mini babybel cheese wheels and grapes. I also pick myself up a venti green iced tea from Starbucks, with a little stevia in it, nothing else. If you know me at all, you know I’m pretty much obsessed with green tea! Not just the flavor, but all of its health benefits, the antioxidants, the metabolism boosting goodness…it’s all amazing 😉


2hrs later, I need another snack! I usually go for a handful of almonds, to give me some more protein and energy to make it to dinner. I also drink another 16oz bottle of water.


Dinner is always tricky, because our schedule changes so much, that I never stick to anything consistent. In a perfect world, I would have a chef that would prepare me all natural, non-GMO, healthy and delicious meals every night, but I’m not Kim Kardashian. And, let’s be serious, in a perfect world, I would just eat whatever I want and I would remain perfectly healthy 😉 HA! Although, for me, I tend to crave healthy food (most of the time), so as I said before, it’s not hard for me to stick to healthy choices.

If I make food, I tend to make grilled chicken or fish, sometimes shrimp, roasted veggies in the oven, brown rice or roasted potatoes and a salad. Oh, and of course, water to drink. 😉 That tends to be my “go-to.” If we pick up take-out, or eat out, I try to stick to somewhat of that same menu, unless we go with fast food. If that’s the case, we tend to pick up Chick-fil-a or Arby’s. At Chick-fil-a, I always get the grilled chicken sandwich with the honey roasted barbecue sauce, and I eat it with veggies and fruit and pretzels at home. At Arby’s, I always get the market fresh turkey, bacon, ranch sandwich, minus the bacon–honestly, that’s just because I don’t like bacon, not really a health reason. And, cue the gasp. 😉

After Dinner/Dessert-

After Charlotte goes to bed and its finally time for us to sit down and unwind, I always have a little bedtime snack, and typically (when not pregnant) a glass of wine. During this pregnancy, my nightly craving has been bing cherries. I know..crazy pregnancy craving, right?! 😉 haha! Honestly, I haven’t craved many foods or anything unhealthy really, and anything too sweet makes me nauseous. I’ve been sticking with fruit, mostly, and occasionally an ice cream cone from McDonald’s or I’ll steal some of Charlotte’s frosted animal crackers. When I’m not pregnant, I tend to opt for some sort of dark chocolate with my glass of wine. I’m a huge fan of the Brookside açaí blueberry dark chocolates or the dove sea salt caramel dark chocolates. You can’t go wrong with either, and a little bit goes a LONG way!

Fortunately for me, we have a gym in our basement, so it’s easier for me to slip downstairs and squeeze in a workout, without the hassle of going to the gym and having to drop Charlotte off. Although, I do have to say, I miss going to the gym tremendously, because I love the energy in the gym environment and working out alongside other people working hard. There’s just a vibe that puts me in the best mood and makes me work harder. Plus, I do miss my workout classes! But, for this stage of life, it is just easiest for me to utilize our home gym and take advantage of the easy access we have right in our home.



To warm up, I start with a 10min power walk on our treadmill.

Then, for cardio, I do 20min of HIIT on our elliptical. I change the resistance and speed of my range of motion to constantly vary my workout and confuse my muscles, to make them work harder.

Then, I focus on strength training. Right now, it’s a little modified for pregnancy.

{Using 8lb weights}


1 set/50 reps–10 reps of bicep curls, 10 reps of hammer curls, 10 reps of bicep curls, 10 reps of hammer curls, 10sec stagnant hold of weights out in front (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps shoulder press, 10 reps upright row, 10 reps bent over row, 10 reps lateral raise, 10 reps front raise (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps tricep kickbacks, 10 reps tricep overhead extensions, 10 reps right bumbbell row, 10 reps left dumbbell row, 10 lying tricep overhead extensions (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps deadlifts, 10 reps bent over row, 10 reps deadlifts, 10 reps lying chest fly, 10 reps lying pullovers (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps alternating weighted punches across chest, 10 reps alternating weighted punches out front, 10 reps alternating punches over head, 10 reps alternating punches under cut, 10 reps alternating punches to the side with side kick (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)


1 set/50 reps–10 reps of squats, 10sec stagnant squat hold, 10 reps of squats, 10sec stagnant squat hold, 10 reps of low squats (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps of sumo squats, 10sec stagnant sumo squat hold, 10 reps of sumo squats, 10sec stagnant sumo squat hold, 10 reps of low sumo squats (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps of right side lunges, 10sec stagnant ride side lunge, 10 reps of right side lunges, 10sec stagnant ride side lunge, 10 reps of bent over right side lunges (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps of left side lunges, 10sec stagnant left side lunge, 10 reps of left side lunges, 10sec stagnant left side lunge, 10 reps of bent over left side lunges (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

1 set/50 reps–10 reps of side lunges leaning right, 10 reps of side lunges leaning left, 10 reps of alternating side lunges, 10 reps of side lunges bent over right, 10 reps of side lunges bent over left (repeat 1x for a total of 100 reps)

By sticking to this daily regimen, I have had a very healthy pregnancy, so far. Here’s my progress bump pics from 10 weeks to 15 weeks to 20 weeks.


This routine works really well for me and fits nicely into my everyday. I know not everything works for everyone, but like I said, this is what I have found works for me, and I hope this is helpful for some of you! Let me know if you have any questions!

From my heart to yours,



Pregnancy..Not My First Rodeo..


It’s funny how the human body works.. It’s somehow capable of making you feel absolutely, incredibly super-human, and yet so fast to make you feel as if standing were impossible. Don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy has been a piece of cake compared to my first, and all-in-all, I can’t complain! Hardly any morning sickness, not nearly the amount of dizzy spells/passing out, or the amount of unbearable migraines..BUT, what is it about those freakin hormones that even on your best day, you can feel lousy??

I’m 21 weeks, I’m to that point where sleeping is really fun. You play that guessing game of “do I?” or “do I not?” have to pee..all. through. the. night. You can’t sleep on your stomach, because that’s not super comfy, and heaven for bid you sleep on your back in fear of your baby not getting enough oxygen, so to the side I roll. Then there’s the kicking. The most beautiful, amazing feeling in the world..that seems to happen late at night and early in the morning. Can’t she kick me mid-day, so I can feel the joy when I’m already awake??..No?..ok, I’ll just lay here and soak it all in until about 2am and then sleep until 6am when I’m woken back up by those jolts to the stomach. It’s great.


I’m also in that really fun in between stage of “is she?” or “is she not?” pregnant. Of course, I can totally tell, since my body doesn’t look (or feel) like my own anymore. But, to the random passerby, it may look like I just ate a large burrito from Qdoba. And, with the frequent heartburn, it feels like that too. 😉

The constant state of sleepiness is just preparation for the many months (who am I kidding, YEARS) ahead. And, because I have an almost 2-year-old, I have to run around and take care of/pick up after her, as well. Gone are the pregnant days of getting to nap when I needed to or simply just rest and have a snack break. days are constant go, go, go. Oh, how I did not truly understand the beauty of first-time pregnancy. Even with all my horrible symptoms, I was able to take care of myself.

All joking aside, I wouldn’t trade this pregnancy, or the precious baby girl growing inside of me, for the world. In the midst of the crazy, I always take time to smile (mostly laugh) and thank God for the beautiful, little girls he has blessed me with. They are truly the greatest gift I have ever been given, and the fact that I was chosen to be their mother is the greatest honor. If receiving these perfect miracles means going through hell, then bring it on! Ok..maybe, don’t bring it ALL on.. 😉

Scroll down to see some ultrasound pics of my sweet, little Savannah, as well as some of the bump pics I have taken during my pregnancy, thus far! 🙂

<<L-R//6weeks, 8weeks, 10weeks, 20weeks>>

So cool to see the baby’s development from each pic to the next!

<<L-R//10weeks, 15weeks, 20weeks>>

The body changes aren’t always fun, but they are always welcomed, as I know it means a healthy, growing baby girl. 🙂

So, incredibly thankful..


From my heart to yours,


It’s a GIRL!!


Yes, thats right!! Our little family of three is about to be a party of four, with a house full of ladies. Sorry, babe..we didn’t quite even out the playing field, but at least you’re still the King of your castle. 😉 ..Honestly, I think he kinda loves the idea of being the man of the house, protecting his princesses.

With our first, the excitement was in the fact of having our first child, so the gender was just another added fun surprise! Not a whole lot of thought went into it, until we found out what we were having, and then I went in to full on girl mode. The nursery was planned in days, and the shopping lasted for weeks. Ok, who am I kidding..the shopping hasn’t stopped! 😉

But, with our second, we dreamed of how our family dynamic would be if we were to have a boy or a girl. How different would our family be?? We always imagined multiple children, but the vision of those children was unclear. I think we had this thought that “we had a girl, so we’ll probably have a boy,” and we tended to play out scenarios of what it would be like to have a boy. We had this idea in our heads, for whatever reason, that we were most likely having a boy, so I began envisioning our lives with a little more blue and a little less pink. HA! God had other plans..

Finding out we were expecting was a huge surprise in itself. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, therefore I do not ovulate on my own, or have a cycle at all, for that matter. Because of that, trying to conceive is nearly impossible without a little medicinal/hormonal help. After being on my medications for approximately 6 months, I finally saw those 2 pink lines and completely lost my mind! I fell to my knees in tears, and I’m pretty sure I scared Charlotte! I assured her that mommy was ok, and immediately called my husband, Blake, to tell him our news.

From that moment on, it was non-stop, “is it a boy? or a girl?” “how do you think Charlotte will be?” “what about this name or that?” “what should we do with the nursery?” and so on.. That news completely consumed us and hasn’t stopped! Of course, we were anxious to find out what we were having, and because of certain medical conditions that run in our family, it was recommended that we do a chromosomal blood test that checks for several health abnormalities/defects, and also tells you the baby’s gender. So, at 10 weeks, I filled 10 vials of blood, and anxiously waited to hear the news!

After I received the confirmation that all the tests came back normal, and the baby was healthy, my mom picked up my envelope with the gender-so I wouldn’t be tempted ;)-and she took it straight to the baker who was making our gender reveal cake pops. I’m pretty sure it took everything in me to not peak at either envelope or cake pops..and, luckily, I only had to wait 4 more days. The longest 4 days of my life!!

At our reveal, we wanted our family and friends to be involved, so everyone received a cake pop to bite into! I assured everyone to wait for my count, so that no one would risk spoiling the surprise! 1…..2…..3…..It’s a GIRL!!! We all revealed our pink colored cake pops, and my eyes filled with tears. I was so excited and completely surprised, as were most people!

Of course, I tore open that envelope, just to be sure no mistakes were made 😉 and, sure enough, it confirmed it’s a girl! 🙂

We couldn’t be happier with our news, and the party was such a fun celebration to “kick-off” this pregnancy and start looking forward to the brand new life that will be joining our family.

Charlotte didn’t know what to think…other than that she loved her cake pop! 😉

I can’t thank God enough for this beautiful blessing, and for sparing me the horrible pregnancy symptoms that plagued me the first time around! 😉 Stay tuned for pregnancy updates, bump pics, maternity photos, and the anxiously waiting birth announcement! 🙂

From my heart to yours,