Hi! My name is Janalyn. I’m a wife to my hunky husband, Blake, and a mama to my beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Savannah. The four of us make up our crazy, goofy, lovable family! When I’m not wifey-ing or mothering, I’m working at my home office, as a blogger and social media influencer, as well as modeling for a local clothing boutique.

Outside of those roles, I love to do typical girly things, such as shop, get pampered, go to Starbucks, workout, travel, and spend time with my family and friends. I’m a warm weather girl at heart, but I do love the ever-changing seasons of Indiana. While I’m not a fan of winter, and I live for the sunshine and being outside, I’ve learned to appreciate what comes with the season changes–mostly that being the fashion changes–but, I’m working on it! 😉

My husband and I have worked out a pretty good deal, which allows me to travel as often as necessary to get my “fix”, while living where his job provides. I will admit, as quickly as I’d love to pick up and move south, I would just as quickly miss my family and friends. We have a pretty good set up here, with our parents down the road, and our friends within close driving distances. As much as I love the warm weather, I love my social circle more. And, let’s face it, I don’t think I’d last anywhere without my friends, or sense of community, or my mama. 🙂

I feel extremely blessed to be living the life I always dreamed of, and this outlet is the perfect way for me to document life’s special moments. I hope to inspire you through my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and be a place of encouragement, motivation, empowerment, and community. I absolutely love writing and sharing in personal experiences, as well as fun fashion, new makeup and hair products I come to find and love, along with my travels, and, of course, my family. Thank you for letting me be my authentic self and share this beautiful life with all of you.

From my heart to yours,