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If there’s anything I’m obsessed with (besides my husband, my children, my mom, my friends, the beach, shopping..) it’s my hair! I mean, I’m not ridiculous, I’m obsessed with plenty of normal things that are appropriate to be obsessed with. It’s just..I kinda have a thing for my hair. I think it might be love. 😉

Ever since I was little, I have been all about my hair, never allowing anyone to cut it, mess with it, or heaven forbid I even let my mom style it. I was always trying out different styles (curled, straight, wavy, hot rolled, sponge rolled, etc) and different trends (butterfly clips, scrunchies, crown headbands, the topsy tail, headband handkerchiefs, etc). Where my 90’s girls at?? 🙂 I’ve even changed my hair color from blonde, to bronde, to honey, to dark brown, to jet black..yes, jet black. We won’t go there..

Now, I’m not saying I rocked these looks, or that my hair always looked amazing. I mean you heard the trends…ya, definitely not as cool as I thought at the time. But, I loved my hair and all things hair, and nothing stopped me from playing with it! Not even 50 butterfly clips stacked in rows across my head. ..ya, that was a “what was I thinking?” moment..

So, after years of playing with my hair and trying to figure out what works for me, I feel like I have finally found a style, cut, and color that will stand the test of time. At least, I hope so 😉 Below, I have compiled a list of all my current favorite hair products that I absolutely love and use daily. These are my top hair can’t-live-without-it must-have products.

First, some FAQs about my hair:

How often do you color/cut your hair?

I color my hair every 3-4months, and I only cut my hair every other time I get it colored. I know so many people say this goes against everything about taking care of your hair, but for me, it helps my hair grow and stay the length I want. So, I say, do what works for you!

What colors do you use on your hair?

I only get a touch up highlight on my roots. So, any other tones you see, like the golden, honey, or dark blonde hues, are my own natural hair color.

What is your natural hair consistency? (texture, thickness, etc)

My hair is naturally thick, somewhat coarse, and wavy. If I get out of the shower, and let my hair air dry, it will have a “beach” wave look to it. But, it takes some work to make it a pretty beach wave 😉

Do you take a vitamin for hair growth?

I currently do not, but, I have used biotin in the past, which I think helps with growth, and the overall health of your hair, skin, and nails. Also, I was on a prenatal vitamin both pregnancies, which helped my hair A TON! Mainly, because of the high volumes of folic acid. I suggest trying a folic acid supplement or biotin.

Do you wear hair extensions?

I wear 2-4 clip-in rows for photoshoots, events, or when I don’t want to mess with my hair too much/it needs life. My own hair is the exact same length as my extensions, so I don’t wear them for the length, I wear them for the volume and the added locks to play up my hair. I’m all about full, luscious hair, and it totally helps to add in some hair to get that effect. I don’t feel like I need too much, since my hair is pretty long and thick on its own, which is why I only wear a few clip-ins, when needed. For the extensions I use, check them out here.

I have listed the best of the best in each hair category for shampoo/conditioner, after wash enhancer, hair oil, styling product, hairspray, dry shampoo, hair brush, and hair tool.

  1. Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo and Blonde Ale Brightening Conditioner -these are my absolute favorite for keeping my blonde light and bright between highlights. They also make my hair super silky and shiny, and completely enhance the blonde tones in my hair.
  2. Full Thickening Cream -this after wash product literally makes my hair strands thicker, creating a fuller, volumized look after blow-dry. I love enhancing my hair’s natural thickness, and I’m all about full, luscious locks, which is just what this magic bottle gives you.
  3. Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil -this oil is a game changer. It makes my hair smooth, soft, silky, shiny, healthy…all the things! 🙂 I am obsessed. If you don’t currently use a hair oil, or haven’t found one you like, you have got to try this one! Don’t be afraid to use oil on your hair. I can promise you it will not make your hair greasy, as most people assume, which deters them from using one. It seriously makes your hair so much smoother, easier to work with, and gives it that glossy modelesque look and feel.
  4. Dry Texture Spray -speaking of modelesque hair, this baby creates the ultimate tousled, un-done, texturized look. I love using this when I curl/wave my hair, for a beachy or bed-head style. I don’t like my hair to look top perfectly curled. I want my hair to have texture and life and movement..I’m not sure if this is even making sense, but it completely makes the look that I try to achieve. Also, great for next day hair, to bring your hair back to life.
  5. Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish -this hairspray is the perfect consistency to hold your style all day, while being soft, touchable, and weightless. As I said, hair should move and flow, not stay put. No one likes hair that looks untouchable, sticky, crunchy, or too done up. I absolutely love this finish and that my curls stay all day long-even the next day!
  6. Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo -this dry shampoo does what no other dry shampoo does. Instead of simply masking hair grease, it absorbs and removes oil and sweat. It actually works to leave your hair clean, while thickening up your locks and giving next day (or in my case, fifth day) hair life. I don’t like to wash my hair too often, as it strips my hair of its natural oils needed to keep my hair healthy, so this dry shampoo is my life saver. And, days I don’t have time to style, I just spray this on the roots, tease a bit, brush it out, and go, and it literally looks like I just gave myself a blowout.
  7. Wet Original Brush -this is by far my favorite brush, because it can be used on wet and dry hair, it can be used as a teasing brush, it can be used after hair is curled to soften curls, it can be used to smooth hair during a blow-dry, etc. I love finding a great multi-use tool for time saving and money saving purposes. And, this brush seriously works well for whatever you are doing with your hair, or whatever look you are trying to achieve. And, it’s under $12. You’re welcome.
  8. 24K Gold Curling Iron -this is probably the most asked about product that I use on my hair. So many people assume I use a fancy wand, but I’m here to tell you that I don’t, and you don’t need one! Yup, thats right. I think they’re over-rated, and I’m able to achieve the same looks with my good old-fashioned barrel iron. I prefer the 1 1/4in for beachy waves and volumized curls, but I sometimes use a 1 1/2in for a more relaxed, just blown out look.

And, there you have it. If hair products could win awards, these would definitely take them home. I love products that do what they say they will, don’t break the bank, smell good, and of course, look good. Let me know if you have any questions on these products, or how to use them. Or, how I use them! I’m hoping to get a hair tutorial to you all soon!


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