Savannah’s Birth Story




November 18th, 2017 would forever change my world. And, little did I know, this day in time would be one of the greatest, most meaningful days of my life.

8am, my husband and I (anxiously and nervously) entered the hospital, ready to meet this new little addition to our family. We were so ready (or so we thought!) to start our lives as a family of four. We got to the labor room and settled in-or, moved in, as stated by the nurses-ha! (Hey, I wanted to be prepared this time, since my last delivery was a huge surprise, and I didn’t feel like I had anything prepared.) Before the nurse came in to get things started, Blake and I looked at each other, gave ourselves a quick “we can do this” pep talk, held each other tightly as we prayed for a safe delivery and healthy baby, and acknowledged that it was time. Here we go..

The nurse came in, and it was the same nurse that was with me for my delivery with Charlotte, and I immediately felt a sense of comfort. I was nervous, and that was just the calming reassurance I needed in that moment. Going in, I was already dilated 2cm and about 70% effaced, but my water hadn’t broken and my cervix wasn’t budging. That is, until they started the pitocin to get my contractions a little more regular and A LOT more intense. But, by 11am, I was maybe 3cm and not showing a lot of progress. This was when the decision was made to go ahead and break my water, in hopes that it would intensify my contractions and help to dilate my cervix. And, intensify my contractions, it most definitely did!

Around 12:30pm, I was in pretty significant pain, and I decided to go ahead and get my epidural. And, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why our memories don’t allow us to remember every little detail, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t remember contractions hurting this bad or that epidural needle being THAT big! (I guess that’s your answer as to why women have multiple children.) Ummm…holy cow, that thing is huge. And, this is coming from someone that hates needles, and has to be chased around the house from her Dr. father just to get a flu shot with a butterfly needle. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl, and yes, I know I’m an adult, but that only makes me that much more aware of the needle coming at me! Also, when getting the epidural, this just so happens to be the only moment in which you are alone with no family, since everyone is required to leave the room, and it happens to be the moment that terrifies me the most. Just my luck. So, I put my big girl panties on (just kidding, I was having a baby, I can’t wear panties) and totally played it off as brave as I could. I don’t think anyone knew I was scared…aside from the nurse holding me and seeing the fear in my eyes. But, the anesthesiologist? Totally oblivious. Whew. Especially since he’s a friend of my father..I side stepped what could have been a pretty embarrassing moment, even though he just stuck a giant needle in my back with my bare butt on display. Why do women do this again??…oh, ya, that baby.. let’s get back on track..



Once I had my epidural, I was golden. Around 2pm, I was now dilated to 4cm, and I was feeling good for a solid hour, until I noticed the numbness in my legs starting to wear off, and the contractions were getting pretty painful again. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I felt bad to say anything, as if I were assuming something was wrong, since (as I mentioned before) everyone there works with my dad and knows him, and I was not about to be THAT patient. You know, high-maitenance, questioning everything, trying to tell them how to do their job, etc. But, after about 30min of not saying anything, my husband noticed that I was looking pretty uncomfortable and gripping the bed through each contraction. And, if you don’t know my husband, he is the biggest worrier and absolutely hates seeing me in pain! I mean, he was a wreck when I had my first, and up until this point, he was handling everything much better. But, the minute he knew I was in a lot of pain, he started to freak out and paged the nurse immediately.

Sure enough, she checked my epidural pump, and it wasn’t on. Basically, I got my initial drip when the doctor put it in, but no one actually started it to continuously run. The doctor thought the nurse was starting it, and the nurse thought the doctor had started it, so no one turned it on. I was just relieved it was an easy fix, and so thankful for my husband having my back and speaking up on my stubborn behalf. I can’t even imagine if something wasn’t said. OUCH!! (I’m not nearly as brave as women that go au natural, but I commend those of you that can!)

At this point, its getting to be late afternoon/early evening, and I’m still only between 4-5cm, with no baby in sight. I should add that my mom and 2 closest friends have been with me the entire day to be there for me and be my support system. And, now I’m feeling badly that it’s been such a slowly progressing labor. Even my dad and younger brother were here at this point, and had been for the last few hours. I think everyone was anxiously waiting this arrival along with me, and it wasn’t looking like this was going to happen anytime soon, and possibly not until the next day. I told everyone it was totally fine to go ahead and leave, and I would let them know if anything changes.

Around 6:30pm, everyone left, except for my mom (and my husband, of course!). They both were so hungry and hadn’t eaten much of anything all day, and I was exhausted, so I told them to go get something to eat and I was going to take a nap. They decided to stay at the hospital and grab something at the cafeteria, just in case anything happened. Not long after they left the room, I tried to get comfortable and rest, but I was feeling a lot of intense pressure. I wasn’t sure, but it felt like Savannah was really low and ready to come out. I thought, “there’s no way,” since I wasn’t fully dilated, but, yet the feeling was undeniable. I mean, I HAVE done this before, and it felt exactly the same as when I was ready to push with my first!

I called the nurse in, just to check and see, and Savannah’s head was right there, ready to go. I was fully dilated 10cm and ready to push, with no family around. Good thing everyone stayed with me all day, only to leave right in time for the main event! 😉 The nurse and I agreed not to call my husband or mom, because it would only freak them out. There was still some time, since my dad was assisting the delivery, and he had about a 20min drive all the way back to the hospital. Of course, I called my dad, and he jumped in the car right away to come bring his grand daughter into the world!

Blake and my mom came walking back into the room, carrying their little tray of food, and I told them that it was time. They both laughed and said, “ya, right,” and totally thought I was joking, since there was no way I went from 4cm-10cm in an hour. And, in their defense, that is something I would do! 😉 But, when I told them I wasn’t joking, reality set in, and they came flying into the room, cheese cubes from a small container go flying, drinks spilling, and the nurse and I just laughing. I’ll never forget my mom’s face in that moment, and the dramatic entrance into the room. And, if you don’t know my mom, this is totally something she would do! Once everyone was aware of the situation and my doctor and nurse were there with everything ready to go, I just had to wait through my contractions until my dad arrived. And, just so you know, waiting through contractions isn’t really something you can do..not, easily, anyway. That may be the hardest thing to do. When your body (and baby) is deciding this is happening, there’s really no stopping it. At least, no pain-free way. And, I thought pressure was intense before…not even close!

It was beginning to be too painful, so I decided to start pushing, since my dad was close. After pushing through 2 contractions, my dad came into the room, and it was time for her to come out. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was ready to go! He got himself ready, and with one more contraction, sweet little Savannah, with a full head of hair, and tiny little body, was here! My dad had the biggest smile on his face when he pulled her out! It was such a special moment, just as it was when he delivered Charlotte. There’s nothing like that moment. It’s such a crazy rush of emotions, full of love and joy, and a face full of tears. I just couldn’t stop crying and kissing her precious face. It was everything I dreamed it would be, and more. The delivery went so smoothly, our baby girl was healthy, and it was absolutely perfect.






Savannah Kristine Powers entered the world at 7:42pm, weighing in at 6lbs 0oz, and 19 3/4in long. She was this tiny, little bundle of sweetness, and very alert in her first moments of life. I’l never forget her staring into my eyes so intently, as if she knew me and loves me so much. Oh, sweet girl, if you only knew how much I love you.


After our time together with Savannah, and I got some mommy/baby skin-to-skin time, we had Charlotte come in to meet her. She was nervous as she came into the room, but she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw her baby sister. She even gave her a hug and kiss, and it was such a sweet moment, until she saw the IV in my arm. She got so scared and wanted mommy to take it out and to leave the room. She got so scared, she had tears in her eyes, and it made me worry for a moment of how this transition was going to be and how she would handle it. But, as soon as we were home from the hospital, all those worries and fears completely vanished, because all she wanted was to hold her sister, give her hugs and kisses, and help feed her bottles. That love hasn’t let up and she has taken this whole sister thing so well. I couldn’t have asked for a better response from her.








Seeing their love for each other may just be the sweetest thing in this world. My love for them grows every day, and I’m so blessed to see their love for each other grow every day, as well. These little girls have stolen my heart and given me so much more than I ever thought possible. I love them so much it hurts! They are my world, and I don’t know what I did to receive the greatest gifts. I am honored to be their mommy and I only hope to make them proud, because everyone knows I sure am proud of them.

Thank you girls for making me a mommy and filling a hole in my heart I never knew existed.

Oh, Savannah, you are so loved. Savannah’s (extra) large floral head wrap is from Little Love by Lok. I have several of these head wraps, I’m obsessed! She has so many styles, prints, and colors, and she has several other baby accessories, as well. You can also check out her Etsy shop, here.


Savannah’s swaddle cocoon and bow set is from Fawn and Sage on Etsy. I fell in love with this print and the cocoon style of swaddle is genius. You just slide it up their body and you’re done! How brilliant is that?? Do you know how hard it is to swaddle a squirmy baby? And, when they squirm, there’s no chance of them getting unsaddled, like a normal swaddle blanket. This takes the hassle out of swaddling, and this style has been what I have found I use the most at home.



Savannah’s going home outfit is from a handmade clothing company by BornApparel on Etsy. Her blush mocs are from Made By Molly Morehouse on Etsy, and her pom-pom beanie is from Old Navy. OMG, I am dying seeing her in this again. She’s just so tiny and cute. *all the heart eyes!*


Savannah’s forest flannel baby blanket is from Target. This blanket is seriously the softest material, it comes in a package of four blankets, and it’s less than $10. Say, what?? Ya, I know, no brainer! You need this for your little one! The set also makes a great baby gift! All the prints are so sweet, I love them all.


Savannah’s pink floral cocoon and beanie set is from Bailey’s Blossoms. Mamas, if you haven’t checked out this shop yet, you MUST check it out now! They have the cutest clothes and accessories from newborn to toddler. And, you seriously cannot beat their prices. I am in love with this shop, and have bought several items for both of my girls. Her muslin swaddle blanket is from Carabella’s on Etsy. This was a gift from my cousin, and I am so in love with it. Not only is it one of my favorite verses, but I say it to my girls all the time, and I love the meaning and strength behind it.

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If you have any questions about the products, don’t hesitate to ask. I know you’ll love bundling your baby in these adorable pieces just as much as I do!

From my heart to yours,



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