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Florida Vaca 2017/2018…may we never forget you. This trip-and, I say trip instead of vacation (stay tuned, you’ll understand)-was definitely one of the most different, challenging, frustrating, vacations I have ever experienced. That being said, it was also a trip of many firsts, with unique and special memories, that I hope will be what I remember from this trip, instead of all the negative..

I should start by saying I was extremely hopeful going into this vacation, regardless of the fact that I just had a baby. Yes, I know traveling with a 6 week old infant can be difficult, but I was completely optimistic. That was until the entire house started dropping like flies from an intense case of the flu. There were 10 of us on this vacation, including 2 infants and 1 toddler, and it managed to take us ALL down, one by one. Because of this, we only had one day when the entire family was healthy and able to all be together. Talk about frustrating!! And, poor little Savannah couldn’t keep anything down when she got it! Talk about scary!!

Did I think trying to go places would take us hours to get out the door? Definitely. Did I think nice dinners out would include distractions, outbursts, and possible meltdowns? Of course. Did I think going to the beach would be an ordeal to pack everything and manage 3 little ones by the ocean? Absolutely. BUT, I did not anticipate the entire house coming down with a horrible illness, making our time less than enjoyable. Trying to do anything was practically impossible and when we did, something almost always went wrong. We just couldn’t catch a break! Was it too much to ask for some nice relaxing family time after the craziness from the holidays??

That being said, this trip was filled with many special firsts, which I am choosing to reflect on, instead of the fact that we were robbed of a nice family vacation! This vacation was the first time that we traveled as a family of four, with 2 little ones. Which means, it was Savannah’s first flight, Charlotte’s first flight where she required her own seat, and the first time our little family took up our own row on a plane.



During the vacation, a definite shining light through everything was Savannah’s smiling face. It was the first time she truly smiled intently, back at me, as I was talking to her. Her sweet little smile completely changed my heart and brought me back to what truly matters. I mean, look at that sweet little face?? How can you not smile and instantly overcome with joy? 🙂


Also, after the trip didn’t go as planned, and we weren’t able to do everything we wanted to do, we decided to take Charlotte to see a movie, to give her something exciting and fun from the trip. Charlotte saw Coco, her first movie in the theater, and she could not have loved it more! She was all set with her popcorn, coke, and candy and smiled the whole way through-even clapping at musical performances in the movie. It was the cutest thing, and made her feel so much more grown up to me! Definitely a special memory and shining light from the darkness that was this “vacation.”


This was our first vacation with our new nephew, as well. So, it was fun to see my brother and sister-in-law with their baby, as well as seeing the three cousins together. Charlotte is pretty infatuated with “Baby Will” and I loved seeing her interact with him and ask for him every morning she woke up!

Here’s hoping there’s another family vacation in our future, with a little more sun and fun and a little less sick and sad. At least we can look back on those special firsts, (brief) family time together, and the warm weather-which, apparently we escaped below 0*F temps back home-all of which I am extremely thankful for. As I’m learning through motherhood, I have to remember to have zero expectations, roll with the punches, be extremely flexible, and cherish the little moments.



Check out more of my outfits from this trip, along with my must-have winter beach vacation fashion pieces! My go-to staples include a few pairs of shades (duh!), a floppy beach hat, lightweight sweaters for breezy nights, frayed denim shorts, and lacy bralettes to peak out of tanks.


Some of my current fav floppy hats can be easily found at Target. I personally love the straw styles, with a little detailing to them. Check out these super cute styles, here and here.


My favorite sunnies will probably always be the aviator style. Check out my absolute favorite aviators that I wear on repeat. They are my top three favorites, they are all black, and they go with everything. For a smaller frame with mirrored lenses, check out this pair, here. For an oversized frame, check out this super cute pair, here. For a bolder pair, with a little more of a fashion statement, check out this stand-out pair, here. If you’re feeling like something a little more fun, or wanting some serious hippie vibes, check out my favorite round pair, here. I am absolutely loving these right now, as well. Total 70’s vibes that make me happy.


For the perfect winter white sweater that can carry you into spring, check out my current fav, here. I love to pair it with a pretty bralette and frayed denim shorts. It also goes perfectly with a good pair of high-waisted jeans. See how I styled it below. For a more casual look, I also love this adorable detailed-sleeve pullover. I think it would also look cute paired with distressed denim or high-waisted jeans, or even with joggers for a more relaxed look.


My favorite layering bralette of the moment has to be my new white number from Free People. The fit and style is just perfect and it looks so beautiful popping out of tanks, sweaters, dresses, jackets, etc. Another go-to is this gorgeous, olive green bralette, for a pop of color.


For the cutest frayed denim shorts, check out this acid wash style from Forever 21. They are to die for!! Add those hippie shades, and you’ve got major boho babe vibes. I’m also loving this black high-waisted destructed pair from American Eagle. AND, they’re on sale right now for 60% off!


I hope you love these pieces as much as I do, and I hope my looks give you some vaca style inspo for any trips you have coming up or for the next time you plan one! And, who says you even need a trip to pull off these pieces?? I guess all we really need is some warmer weather, am I right?? 😉 If anything, these pieces will get you excited for spring and even spring break ready!

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