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Putting together a room for a little person that you’ve never met might be the most surreal process. I remember feeling this exact same way when I designed Charlotte’s room, and the fact that I’m doing this, yet again, for another little babe is just unbelievable. I always find that one piece that sparks my vision for a room, and my creative eye takes off from there. For this room, it began with a floral wall. Once I saw that gorgeous, floral wallpaper, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her room, and it completely fit the style and feel I was going for.

I love a nursery to feel light, airy, and dreamy, in hopes to invoke calm, peace, and serenity. Of course, with her being a baby girl, my thoughts immediately went to blush tones, lots of white, cream, and beige, with touches of gold and/or silver. I also wanted her room to have a bit of a southern belle flair, not only because her name has southern roots, but so does her mama, and I wanted to incorporate that in the feel of her nursery. So, what better way than a floral mural as the backdrop to her crib? I fell in love with the colors and floral pattern of this mural, and absolutely had to have it. You know when you just find that certain item, whatever it may be, and you can’t take your mind off it, your heart is set on it, and that nagging feeling just never goes away?? Ya..that was me and this wallpaper! Now, all I had to do was some convincing to my husband that she NEEDS this in her room and justify its’ slightly high price tag. But, I AM carrying his child, so it didn’t take too much. ūüėČ


I found her wallpaper on Etsy, and requested a custom order, so that it would fit her wall exactly. The owner was great to work with, and had my order processed, shipped, and sent to me within 4 weeks! Check out her shop, here, and check out the wallpaper, here. I was so happy with the wallpaper and its quality. Even the men I hired to hang the wallpaper said that it was a really high quality paper, that will last and not bubble up, over time.

Because the florals speak for themselves, and have a lot of colors in them, and take up an entire wall, I wanted to keep everything else extremely neutral. I chose to go with a light beige paint color to keep the focus on the wallpaper and not distract from its beauty. From there, I decided that I wanted cream/ivory furniture that would stand out from the walls, but again, not distract. I’m not a fan of anything too bold or loud, and in keeping with the light, airy feel, I decided on this ivory furniture set from Bassettbaby Premier. I can no longer find her exact set, but I found a few similar styles that are also, so beautiful. Check out this Bassettbaby set,¬†here, and another style,¬†here. Bassetbaby furniture is well-made, great quality, and they offer several beautiful designs. I highly recommend their collections!



Honestly, it was the armoire that won me over. I mean, how gorgeous is this piece?? I also loved that the design of it had that southern feel, and it completely complimented the walls so perfectly.

I chose to stick with white bedding, to again, not distract, and to have that dream-like feel to her crib. I absolutely love her light, tulle, ruffle skirt from Pottery Barn Kids, and it was just the perfect touch. I chose to throw in some fun pillows, since her bedding is more basic, and I love how they fill the space and create a fun accent. (NOTE: these will be removed when she is sleeping in her crib. I know these are not safe for babies, and I would never leave them in them in the crib with her!) I went with the faux fur to match her faux fur rug, and one blush pink pillow, with the gold lettering, “My Girl,” for something sweet. I wanted just a touch of color, and I think the pillow provides just the right amount.



Check out her ruffle, crib skirt, here, and her personalized quilt, here. Also, check out these adorable faux fur pillows, here. And, the pillow in her rocker, here. I also found a her faux fur rug, here.

Once I had all the basics, it was time to play! My absolute favorite. I was excited to find some cute decor, floral arrangements, beautiful artwork, curtains, and a gorgeous light fixture. All of the artwork, minus the antlers, came from Hobby Lobby-which, I highly recommend because they have great pieces at great prices, and you can almost always catch a sale! All of these pieces were 50% off! The floral arrangements were also from Hobby Lobby, and they were also 50% off! Seriously, you can’t beat that! They have so many floral stems to choose from, and plenty of pretty vases to create whatever look you are going for.



Click¬†here, for the “sweet baby girl” artwork.

Click¬†here, for the “beautiful girl, you can do amazing things” artwork. (shown above her rocker)

Click here, for the large cactus flower wall decor.

Click here, for the floral antler wall decor.

Click here, for the round barrel frame mirror. (shown in first photo, on wall entering her nursery)

The curtains/rod, decorative pieces/baskets, and mirror came from Target. I absolutely love Target’s home goods section, and they have a lot of nice pieces, that are extremely cost effective. I chose to use a lot of natural wood/wicker pieces, because I think this provides a more southern, rustic, look. They also coordinated with the light wood on the frames of the artwork that I chose, as well.




Click here, for the sheer white curtains.

Click here, for the bronze, crystal knob curtain rod.

Click here, for the white storage basket.

Click here, for the large, khaki decorative storage basket.


The finishing touch was her chandelier. And, man did this beauty really transform the room. It was the perfect, final touch to complete the look I was going for. I found this little gem at Menards, and I was surprised to find that it wasn’t too expensive! Check it out,¬†here.

I am pretty obsessed with her room and how everything came together. Her room is more than walls and decoration-it’s where our daughter will grow, learn, develop, and become the amazing person she is born to be. This room will hold our precious girl, and all the incredible memories and special moments that come with her. I can’t believe it’s almost time to bring her home and that a tiny, precious babe will soon fill this space.

We are ready for you, Savannah Kristine.

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From my heart to yours,


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