Favorite Fall Trends

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I’m not sure what I love more about fall. The apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hay rides, Starbucks drinks, and bonfires, or the boots, jackets, hats, sweaters, and denim. Let’s be honest, it’s all about the fashion, and I’m loving all the fall trends right now. Anything cozy, I am ALL about. Probably because of the fact that I’m pregnant, so anything cozy is the most comfortable for me. But, I’m not sure I can even blame my pregnancy..because, comfort is always key.


Some of the trends I’m really loving right now are over-the-knee boots, chunky lace-up sweaters, distressed denim, key-hole sweaters, flannel, velvet, mules, leather jackets, and camo everything. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with any combination of these. They are so much fun to dress up or down, and perfect go-tos for whatever fall activity you have planned. Some of my favorite colors for fall right now are olive, burgundy, ivory, shades of brown, and of course, black. And, if you’re unsure about what colors to go with, let the autumn foliage be your inspiration. Shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown are always beautiful and perfect warm tones for fall. Bonus! You’ll look great wherever you go because you’ll match the landscape around you. πŸ˜‰

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So, let’s talk layering. Layering is huge, not only because its super trendy, but also because of fall’s fluctuating weather. You can start in the 50s, move to the 80s, and cool down to the 40s all in one day, and those layers can save you from a heat stroke AND a chilly night. My go-tos tend to be leather jackets, flannels tied around the waist, cozy cardigans, and denim jackets. I try to stick to one layer, so I don’t look bulky or have too much going on, and I’ll throw a scarf or hat in my car, in case it’s cold enough to add another layer.

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I think one of the easiest, and extremely effortless layering looks is a lacy bralette with a sweater. It’s such a gorgeous look, adds a flirty, feminine feel to your outfit, and gives off such “cool girl” vibes. HA! Seriously though, I dare you to not feel good when you put it on. For bonus flirty feels, wear an off-the-shoulder sweater or pull your sweater to the side, off one shoulder, letting that lace really pop through. And, voila! You just stepped up your “cool girl” game.

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Another way to get an effortless, fall, layered look is by combining textures. Crushed velvet is having a major moment right now, and I love how it pairs with denim, leather, and metallics. Another way to score major “cool girl” points is by mixing in this texture with your typical fall basics–sweaters, denim jeans, leather jackets, etc. I was a little skeptical to try the whole velvet trend, as I was afraid I would look like a 90s girl stuck in a tacky music video, but after trying some styles, I actually really loved it. Now, it’s something I look for in pieces and try to find unique placement of velvet, such as trim on a sweater, chokers, lined bags, etc. Just give it a try and have fun with it! I think it will surprise you.

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Speaking of surprises. Metallics were a bit of a surprise to me when I saw that trend popping up everywhere. I tend to prefer the gold/silver metallic pieces, but I’m seeing a lot of jewel tone metallics, and they’re really beautiful. Think pinks, royal blue, deep purples/plum, emerald, etc. Again, this is showing up in everything from handbags to shoes to accessories. It’s fun to play up, but I would recommend sticking to one metallic piece in any given look. Too much, and you might find yourself feeling a bit robotic or space-like. πŸ˜‰

Another trend I was a little uneasy to try is the mule trend. Mules started showing up everywhere, and I wasn’t ready to hang up my heels for flats. And, while they’re still not something I throw on everyday, I absolutely love how fun they are to play up, and I can’t deny how comfortable they are. Mules are fun, whether they’re classic black to go with everything, or a stand out metallic or jewel tone, for a statement piece. I opted to go for the latter, because when I saw them I just couldn’t pass them up. I went for metallic gold mules, and they’re seriously the cutest things ever.

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Some tried and true staples that never seem to go out of style are the chunky sweaters, camo, and boots. I’m just seeing so much more of each, and a twist on the styles. The big, thick, cozy sweaters are now having more detail on them, specifically lace up strings/ties. Also, they’re hugely popular in cardigan form. The big, thick, over-sized cardigans are huge and they’re a prefect layer to instantly make your whole look. I’m loving this trend right now, because I can perfectly pair a cardi with my bump, comfortably. πŸ˜‰

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Boots are just a staple that aren’t planning on going anywhere, anytime soon, unless that place is higher on the leg. Boots are getting higher, as in thigh-high, and I am in love with it! I love the statement making boots. In my opinion, the bigger the better, and the more textured the more they stand out. So, think velvet, suede, leather, etc.

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And, camo. Ahhhh, camo. I’ve always been a fan and it’s always been around, I just think it’s definitely having a moment right now. People are loving camo everything, myself included, and it’s such a fun way to create an edgy look with a simple print. Just be sure to not over-do it with too much. Too much of a good thing is a BAD thing. You don’t want to actually look like a tree, and blend in..the statement is meant to stand out. πŸ˜‰

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Check out my favorite fall pieces below, with links to shop the trends! The key is to pick the trends that speak to you and have fun with it! Fashion is meant to be an expression of you, and if you own these trends, and step out in confidence, you will rock something you never thought you could. I hope these looks give you some inspiration for your own fall outfits, and I can’t wait to see what trends you try!

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