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I don’t know what it is about the start of a new month that makes me feel like I have a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance for change, new goals, and new dreams. And, with the start of September, this month was no different. I instantly created a new “goals” list and started planning how I would achieve those goals, and make the most out of this month. Now, the reality is, some of last month’s goals got pushed to this month, and I know this cycle will continue, because…life. BUT, the point is that they never escape my lists, or my mind, therefore it WILL happen.

When I started blogging, I had certain visions for what I thought I wanted to happen with my blog. Now that I’m in it, learning, growing, changing..I have so much more that I want to happen, and those visions have molded into something different..something greater. I’m so anxious to make these things happen, but again, the reality is, LIFE. Life happens, growth happens, things take time, it’s a process, and I have to learn to be patient. It’s definitely hard being surrounded by successful bloggers, or those successful on several social media platforms, and it’s difficult to not compare yourself. And, the minute I do, I become intimidated, I feel like I’ll never get there, I feel like I can’t compete. But, I know that is my own fault. That’s my own negative self talk getting in the way. I have to remember that everyone starts somewhere, everyone has a beginning, a growing stage, a “figuring this out” stage, a “how the heck do I do THAT” stage…

I decided to jump in with my blog, while continuing to navigate all there is about blogging, because I figured I would learn as I go. I was afraid if I waited until I had it figured out, that I would never start. There is so much to know, and it can be very overwhelming, and, even though I have learned a lot, there is still SO MUCH I have to learn. But, because I have such a strong passion for writing, and fashion, beauty, and simply encouraging others, I am absolutely loving this industry and enjoy learning so I can grow and become better–not only at blogging, but just a better person.

I’m excited about where I’ve come, even in the short time that I’ve been blogging, and I’m loving meeting new people, getting encouragement from other bloggers, receiving support from people all over the world-literally! It’s such an amazing community to be a part of, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process. I love that this gives me a place to be me, and feel myself, outside of being the mother and wife that I am on a daily basis. I absolutely love those roles, but this role gives me an identity aside from those roles-and helps me have a place that is my own. It’s easy to “lose” yourself in your children, and I feel like I found myself through this avenue.

I appreciate all the support I’ve received, all of my followers, everyone that reads my blog, and continues to join me on my journey. I don’t have this figured out, I am most definitely not an expert, but I can promise you I’m a work in progress. I’m continually learning, and I will grow and get better. My hope is that you all stick around to watch and see!

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