Not Your Mama’s “Mom Jeans”


Finding good maternity jeans is like finding gold. No seriously. I don’t know why it’s so hard for brands to make stylish, and affordable, maternity jeans for women! Either they’re super cute, but cost an arm and a leg that you don’t have the will to spend, because you’ll only be in them for such a short season of life, OR they’re super affordable but look like mom jeans. HA! I KNOW they’re mom jeans…but, that doesn’t mean I want to LOOK like I’m in “mom jeans.” (Side note..what are mom jeans anyway..)

After going on an extensive hunt, I came across Pink Blush, and instantly wanted to get myself a pair, and yet I still couldn’t pull the trigger. I kept contemplating how much I would really wear them, would they really be that comfortable, do I even need them?? Then, I just ignored all that self talk, because the jeans were so cute, I figured why not give them a try! Sure, I could rock leggings and athleisure wear all fall, but who am I kidding, I would quickly get sick of that, and so would all of you! 😉

At first, I thought the price point seemed a tad high. Most of their jeans range anywhere from $65-$75. Which, in non-maternity jeans wouldn’t phase me for a nice pair of denim, but for jeans that will only get 3 months of use..I was a bit skeptical. But, it seemed like a middle of the road price point, based on the other brands I researched, so, again, I ignored my self talk and went with my heart. And, man, am I glad I did..

You guys, these jeans are the CUTEST!! AND, they are super comfy, made of stretchy material with a high, elastic waist band, and they fit perfectly! Isn’t that always another scare of buying denim online?? The fit?? I wasn’t sure what to go with on size, but I stuck with my normal size in jeans, and they were the perfect fit. (See below for my sizing for reference)

I chose three very different styles, so that I had different trends/looks to work with this fall–black, slit-knee, frayed skinnies, medium wash, slightly destroyed skinnies, and darker wash destroyed skinnies. Check out the styles below, with the sizes that I chose, some of the looks I’ve paired with them so far, and direct links to shop my denim.


For the black distressed fringe skinny jeans, check them out, here. I bought them in the size XS.

For the dark destroyed jeans, my exact pair is sold out, but I found similar style that you can check out, here. I bought my destroyed pair in the size 24.

For the blue distressed skinny jeans, check them out, here. I bought them in the size 24.



These are some looks I’ve shared on my instagram, to show you how I’ve styled the jeans so far this season. Stay tuned for more looks with all of my jeans paired with my favorite transition pieces for fall! I’m super excited to share with you some of my favorite looks and trends for the upcoming season.

Happy shopping!

From my heart to yours,




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