Charlotte is TWO Sweet




How do I have a TWO year old?? You know when your baby is born and everyone always says, “oh, it goes so fast!,” and you don’t want to hear it or even think it? Your days seem endless and the nights go far too quickly with lots of feedings and little sleep. You’re in survival mode and just trying to get by, while soaking up every ounce of this perfect, tiny little human that you get to call yours. It’s the most amazing time in your life, and the last thing you want to think is that it’s going to go by fast.

You want this little baby to stay your little baby forever. I can actually remember crying on the way home from the hospital, thinking about Charlotte getting married one day and moving out, and she hadn’t even moved in! <<HORMONES!!>> 😉 From the moment she was born, I’ve been trying to hold onto that baby for as long as possible. Looking back, everyone was right. It DOES go by fast. And, it’s NOT fair!! She’s only 2, but it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home and starting our life with her. Those days of feeling like a constant milk maker, a constant machine, a constant bed for my daughter to sleep on–they seem like just a short, small snippet of time, that once felt like an eternity. Those days of blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) feel like a blink in time that I hardly remember!

I wish at the time, I could have understood that those-let’s face it-HARD days were fleeting, and even though there would be hard days ahead, as I learned my child, learned motherhood, and learned myself, things would get easier. Now, being 2 years in, life hasn’t slowed down, and in fact, I think it only continues to speed up. Especially my days of toddlerhood and pregnancy–my days are literally flying by, and before we know it, we’ll have two of these munchkins running around!

Motherhood has taught me so many things-many of which only pertain to me, because of my unique experiences with Charlotte-BUT, I think there are 3 universal lessons that all mamas can relate to! Here are just a few things that I’ve come to learn over the past 2 years and want to remember as I’m about to embark on this chapter of my life, once again.

  1. You can’t spoil your baby by cuddling them too much. Babies need love and attention, and the more you hold them, cuddle them, snuggle them, lay with them, play with them, and soak them up, they will feel so loved and the bond you have with them will only grow stronger. Don’t feel bad if you don’t want to put your baby down! As I said, this time goes by fast, and they are only this little once, so by all means, you go ahead and hold that baby for as long as your heart desires. I firmly believe it helps mamas feel better during those postpartum days, as well. I mean, is there anything like holding a newborn in your arms?? 🙂
  2. Do what works for you and your baby. Everyone is different, right?? And, that’s no exception to babies. Therefore, no mother and child experience is the same, and the way we do things won’t be the same. We have to cater to the wants and needs of our child, which may look drastically different from the mama next to you, and that’s perfectly OK. I remember stressing over not doing things “just right” or “by the book,” but it didn’t matter, as long as my baby was growing and thriving, and feeling loved and nurtured. In the end, do what works for you and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the choices you are making for you and your family.
  3. Babies will hit their milestones on their own time. I remember feeling anxious, at times, to make sure Charlotte was getting in her tummy time to make sure she had good head control and the muscles developed to roll over. Then, making sure we worked on rolling over, once she had done it on her own. Then, working on sitting up, crawling, walking, talking..etc. But, as I said before, every baby is different, and they will all hit their milestones at different times. I remember people asking me if Charlotte had done a certain milestone, and when she hadn’t, I would stress thinking I hadn’t done enough to help her get there. Then, as it turns out, she was an early walker and talker, and all that worrying was for nothing! It’s so easy to compare one child to the next, but we have to remember our baby is unique, our situation is unique, and they all will learn and get there on their own time.

I definitely haven’t learned all there is to know, nor do I have all the answers, but Charlotte has taught me so much during her short, little life already. But, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I was capable of loving her more than I ever thought possible, and my love for her only continues to grow, just as she does. As much as I don’t want my little girl to grow up, I absolutely love each new phase, getting to know her better, seeing more and more of her personality shine through, and getting to experience new things together. Motherhood is pretty sweet, but Charlotte is even sweeter.


Check out more photos from her 2nd birthday party with links to where I ordered her desserts, decor, and dress to capture the perfect vintage Ice Cream Parlor theme!



The colorful balloons and gold #2 balloon, along with the table skirt, table runner, and pink backdrop, are all from Party City! They have SO much for parties, and even though the store is overwhelmingly HUGE, there is a lot of good stuff in there for great prices! Check out their site, here.


The pink honeycombs, the dessert napkins, and the dessert platters are from Target. The honeycombs can also be hung, but I think it’s fun to use them in different, creative ways, as well! Check out their party supplies here.

IMG_4957Her ice cream cone cookies and cake pops are from Cakes By Christine. I found her on FB for a previous party, and I absolutely fell in love with her work! Not only does she make her sweets look incredible, but they taste incredible, as well! Check out her FB page, here. She does custom orders, she’s very reasonable, and her work is always spotless!

Her cake and cupcakes are from Sam’s Club! I know, right?! But, we’ve been using this secret gem for years! Their cakes are delicious and EXTREMELY reasonable! For her cake and cupcake duo, it was less than $15!! Yup, you read that right! Also, they work with you on colors and design to help create a custom look, perfect for your party. Check out their bakery, here.


Her ice cream, cones, and toppings are also from Target!


Her dress is from Matilda Jane, and it’s already sold out, but they have the cutest selection of whimsical outfits and dresses, that would be perfect for parties, or any occasion! Check out their adorable collection, here.

Her shoes are Cat and Jack from Target, and you can find them here. AND, they are on clearance right now for less than $10!!

Her bow is from Little Poppy Co, and it came in our June subscription. They have adorable bows that you can sign up to have delivered to you each month, as a set of three, that are perfect for the season! Check out their site, and the bows from previous months, here. And, for my review and more detailed information, check out my previous post about their bows, here.

I love this little girl more than LIFE! Does she REALLY have to grow up?!..I’m going to go drown my tears with some ice cream..since, mama can’t have her wine 😉

From my heart to yours,


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