Pregnancy..Not My First Rodeo..


It’s funny how the human body works.. It’s somehow capable of making you feel absolutely, incredibly super-human, and yet so fast to make you feel as if standing were impossible. Don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy has been a piece of cake compared to my first, and all-in-all, I can’t complain! Hardly any morning sickness, not nearly the amount of dizzy spells/passing out, or the amount of unbearable migraines..BUT, what is it about those freakin hormones that even on your best day, you can feel lousy??

I’m 21 weeks, I’m to that point where sleeping is really fun. You play that guessing game of “do I?” or “do I not?” have to pee..all. through. the. night. You can’t sleep on your stomach, because that’s not super comfy, and heaven for bid you sleep on your back in fear of your baby not getting enough oxygen, so to the side I roll. Then there’s the kicking. The most beautiful, amazing feeling in the world..that seems to happen late at night and early in the morning. Can’t she kick me mid-day, so I can feel the joy when I’m already awake??..No?..ok, I’ll just lay here and soak it all in until about 2am and then sleep until 6am when I’m woken back up by those jolts to the stomach. It’s great.


I’m also in that really fun in between stage of “is she?” or “is she not?” pregnant. Of course, I can totally tell, since my body doesn’t look (or feel) like my own anymore. But, to the random passerby, it may look like I just ate a large burrito from Qdoba. And, with the frequent heartburn, it feels like that too. 😉

The constant state of sleepiness is just preparation for the many months (who am I kidding, YEARS) ahead. And, because I have an almost 2-year-old, I have to run around and take care of/pick up after her, as well. Gone are the pregnant days of getting to nap when I needed to or simply just rest and have a snack break. days are constant go, go, go. Oh, how I did not truly understand the beauty of first-time pregnancy. Even with all my horrible symptoms, I was able to take care of myself.

All joking aside, I wouldn’t trade this pregnancy, or the precious baby girl growing inside of me, for the world. In the midst of the crazy, I always take time to smile (mostly laugh) and thank God for the beautiful, little girls he has blessed me with. They are truly the greatest gift I have ever been given, and the fact that I was chosen to be their mother is the greatest honor. If receiving these perfect miracles means going through hell, then bring it on! Ok..maybe, don’t bring it ALL on.. 😉

Scroll down to see some ultrasound pics of my sweet, little Savannah, as well as some of the bump pics I have taken during my pregnancy, thus far! 🙂

<<L-R//6weeks, 8weeks, 10weeks, 20weeks>>

So cool to see the baby’s development from each pic to the next!

<<L-R//10weeks, 15weeks, 20weeks>>

The body changes aren’t always fun, but they are always welcomed, as I know it means a healthy, growing baby girl. 🙂

So, incredibly thankful..


From my heart to yours,


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