This girl comes with a bow


I’m pretty sure a pretty, floral, wrap bow was the first thing I bought on Etsy, when I found out I was having a little girl. Because…priorities 😉 ..And, voilà! My bow obsession began. She wasn’t even here yet, and I was already imagining dressing her up and adding that little finishing touch to her hair. I mean, isn’t that the fun of having a little girl? 😉

There’s nothing I love more than finding fun, cute little hair accessories to complete my daughter’s outfits! I have tried all different types of bows, head wraps, hair ties, elastics, clips, you name it. I love it all, but I have become such a fan of the classic, delicate, girly bows that go with absolutely everything!


Also, in my shopping, I want to find bows that are made of the softest materials, to ensure my daughter’s comfort, as well as hope that maybe she will leave them in, if she can’t feel them! 🙂 And, I have to say, for the most part, it works! Is it because the bows are so soft and comfortable, is it because they are made of light materials, so she can barely feel them, or is it because I’ve been sticking a bow on her poor, little head every day of her life, from the moment she was born?

Either way, for whatever reason, she leaves them in, and I’m not about to question it! I’m not sure if she likes it, or if she just gave up, knowing i’m going to repeatedly place them on her head, but I’ll take it! 😉

After spending money/time searching for the best bows, I came across Little Poppy Co, and my world was forever changed. Ok, so maybe not that drastic–I’ve been told I can be a bit dramatic–BUT, I will say I fell in love with these bows and their concept. Little Poppy Co is a stylish bow subscription, online boutique, providing a set of three bows a month-all of which you don’t know what you’re going to get-for $11.99 a month! It’s such a fun surprise in your mailbox, each month, and an even more fun surprise when you open your package to see what this month’s bows entail!


Each month’s bows correlate to the season, which allows you to not worry about finding that perfect bow for whatever month’s holidays/parties/events, etc. You also get your choice of having the bow in a clip or a headband. The headbands are made of super soft and stretchy nylon, that doesn’t leave a mark on your baby’s head! That definitely sold me, as well! Also, as a subscriber, you get access to the online store to shop previous month’s bows you might have missed out on, and other fun extras/bows they are bringing out for each season! I love that it does the shopping for me, and I just get the fun of styling my girl in her bows each month! And, don’t worry, the upcoming month’s bows always ship out at the end of each current month, to ensure you receive your bows in time for the new month. In these photos, my daughter is wearing the April bows, and they are seriously, TO DIE FOR!! (You can check them out on the site here.)

Little Poppy Co April Bows in their packaging

If you’re not already signed up..what are you waiting for?! Girl moms, go treat yo self!

Charlotte’s outfits linked below!

Beauty and the Beast collection dress is from Target, which you can find here.

Blush pink butterfly cut-out sandals are from Old Navy, which you can find here. Also, they are currently on sale for $13!!

Sterling silver personalized “Charlotte” necklace is from Tiny Blessings, which you can find and have engraved here.


Koala Kids pink pinktuck top is from Babies R Us, which you can find here. Her top is currently on sale for $10.49!!

Jersey leggings in light denim are from Old Navy, which you can find here.

Sand fringe leather moccs are from Love Winnie James, which you can find here.

Cat and Jack white tee is from Target, which you can find here.

Charlotte’s Oshkosh olive green vest is from Target, but it is currently sold out! I couldn’t find an olive vest, but I did find a similar denim vest, which you can find here.

Charlotte’s Cat and Jack denim joggers are from Target, but they are currently sold out. I found a similar pair from Cat and Jack, which you can find here.

Lace-up gladiator sandals are from Old Navy, which you can find here. Also, they are currently on sale for $18.00!

Happy Shopping!

From my heart to yours,



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