She Can


As a mother, it is my job to teach my daughter about the world around her; about who she is, what she means, and what she brings to this life. How she views herself starts with me, and I am making it my mission to show her love, show her self-love, and show her that she can do ANYTHING.


There are so many times I look at myself, and think negative thoughts–I’m not pretty enough, if only I looked like this, I’m not strong enough, if only I had that talent, I’m not smart enough, if only I could achieve that accomplishment… Blah, Blah Blah… You know what that is? That is CRAP. PERIOD. Those are just hurtful words I tell myself when I feel inadequate, and it NEVER makes me feel better, so why do I do it??

Unfortunately, society, and the world we live in, shames us, exudes a false sense of perfection, and fills us with unrealistic expectations of who we are supposed to be. We get images thrown at us daily, that further self-hate and self-doubt, that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t worthy, or we can’t do it. All of that is complete garbage, and I want my daughter to know that. To know that another person’s beautiful doesn’t diminish her beautiful. That someone else’s smart doesn’t take away from her smart. That another talent doesn’t take away from her talents. She is beautiful, she is smart, she is talented, she is funny, she is affectionate, she is creative, she is joyful, she is loving, she is CRAZY! And, for all those things, and more, she CAN do ANYTHING.


Yes, I am confident in who I am today, but I would be lying if I said I never experience insecurities. BUT, I think it is extremely important for me to keep those insecurities to myself, and not “bash” myself in front of my daughter. What is that teaching her if I do?? What does that do to her own self-image?? I don’t want her to look in the mirror and search for flaws, and, I definitely don’t want the focus to be on her outward beauty. I want her to know that she is so much more than that.

I strive to tell her that she is loving, that she is smart, that she has a pure heart and a beautiful soul. I want her to remember those things and use them to empower her. To some, I may sound crazy, because my daughter is only 19months old, but, I believe she understands more than I even know, and by instilling these habits now, they are more likely to stick with her, and me, as she grows up.

I know my daughter. I know her determination. I know her strong-will. And, I don’t doubt that whatever she sets her mind to, she will do it. I don’t want anyone or anything to ever tell her otherwise. There is no, “she can’t,” there is only SHE CAN.


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From my heart to yours,


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