Yes Way, Rosé


As a little girl, I loved and lived for all things pink–as do most little girls! Now, having a daughter of my own, I see that for whatever reason she, too, is drawn to that bright, happy color. There’s something about it that pulls her in, like a moth to a flame. No matter what it is, if it’s pink, she has to see it, touch it, hold it, whatever.. It got me thinking about that color and its significance, and what it means in my life.

The color itself is associated with charm, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, femininity, and love. Which, totally makes sense as to why I would be so drawn to such a color. I love all things girly, as does my daughter, and that color encompasses all those qualities. As I’ve grown and matured, I still love the color, pink. But, instead of living for that bright, loud, vibrant pink, I am drawn to the subtle, light, airy rose color that exudes harmony and warmth.

Because of that, I see hints of rose in my home, in my beauty products, and in my fashion choices. In my bathroom alone, I have pink roses on my vanity, a rose candle, and rose gold decor. I absolutely love my vanity–it is the only place that is completely mine, full of things that I love, where I prep myself every day. It is a peaceful space, where I gather myself, and take a moment for some “me time”, before I tackle the day.


I truly believe that this place of serenity, which brings me peace in a chaotic life, is crucial for our home. I need it to take care of me, so I can take care of everyone (and everything) else. I urge you to create a calming space in your home that is for YOU, if you haven’t already done so. AND, I have listed some of my favorite, pretty little things that can help get you started. 🙂


  • Pink Roses >> This is the most obvious, but most important! They instantly transform your space into a beautiful, graceful, tranquil environment, that exudes happiness, joy, and gentility. I absolutely love fresh flowers, and treat myself to a bouquet once a month, but for a permanent, cost-friendly solution, I go with silk. You can find so many pretty options, styles, shades of color, etc. at Hobby Lobby. They have an abundance of flowers, so go check them out, or visit their website here.


  • Rose Candles >> The clean smell of roses is the perfect way to make you feel as if you do have a fresh bouquet on display. It’s such a fun, feminine, soft scent that makes your nice, little space an enchanting little cove. It invigorates your senses, making you feel calm and relaxed. Plus, the pretty pink jar is a fun touch! My candle is currently sold out, but you can find a similar candle, with a pink jar here. This scent is a combination of sparkling pink prosecco and rose petals. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this one, as well. 😉


  • Rose Lotion >> I love a good hand cream, and my favorite is from L’Occitane, in the rose heart scent. It is amazing, because it is made of shea butter, so it truly makes your hands feel so, incredibly soft! Also, it absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily, greasy, or sticky-which, for me, is a huge perk! I would almost rather not use a hand cream than to use one that makes my hands slippery and slimy! Oh, and the scent of this one…TO DIE! Let that amazing, light, floral aroma from your candle last all day on your skin. This perfect cream is lightweight, fits conveniently in your bag to take with you, and it gets the job done. You can find it here.
  • Rose Polish >> What’s better than pampering yourself with a pretty, rose/blush nail polish? This soft, neutral hue is so fun to wear, and goes perfectly with everything. Also, the one step gel quality is perfect for me, since my routine needs to be simple and quick! You literally only need 2 coats, and it acts as your base coat, polish, and top coat all in one–THANK YOU!! And, it dries rather quickly when used with a nail polish drying spray. You can find this color, called Stay Classy, here.
  • Rose Lipgloss >> I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a light pink/blush lip. It’s a perfect neutral shade, that doesn’t distract from your natural beauty, while accenting your naturally pink pout. I have several shades of blush pink glosses, lipsticks, stains, etc., but, I always find myself going back to this color shine gloss from Victoria’s Secret. You can purchase it for $30 as a set with 6 colors on the site, here, or you can snag one in the checkout for $10.
  • Rosé Wine >> Last, but most certainly not least, is my absolute favorite rosé wine from Mallow Run Winery. This rhubarb wine is the perfect blend of sweet and tart, and, in my opinion, goes with EVERYTHING. There’s nothing I love more, than when I have time to really pamper myself before a night out, where I can light my candles, turn up the music, pour myself a glass of wine, and relax while getting all dolled up. Or, as my night cap, at the end of the night to help me unwind and de-stress. Or, to sip on while eating dark chocolate and watching The Bachelor. Or, to savor while enjoying a nice, long bubble bath with a trashy magazine and fizzy, bath salts. Or, to enjoy pretty much anytime, anywhere, because, with a glass of rhubarb in your hand, you can’t go wrong. 😉 Check it out here. And, you can now purchase Mallow wine at, none other than…TARGET! 🙂 But, can, and should go pick it up..NOW!


Now, with all this talk of roses, I can’t stop thinking about The Bachelor Finale tonight!! I’m pretty excited to have my girlfriends over, chill out, enjoy my wine and chocolate, and stress over who he may or may not choose to marry. 😉










From my heart to yours,


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