This mom runs on love..and Target


I’m pretty sure no man will ever understand the gloriousness that is Target. It’s a haven. A sanctuary. A getaway…The Disney World of supermarkets–it has it ALL. To them, they see a hectic grocery store, crowded with people, overwhelming decision making, and dollar signs flying out the window. But, to us…it’s so much more..

Before becoming a mom, Target was my go-to. My one stop shop for groceries, “pick-me-ups”, gifts, beauty supplies, etc. But, this was just an in and out deal; part of my weekly routine. After becoming a mom, Target has become my escape. My one stop shop for anything and everything, for grabbing a Starbucks while perusing and browsing every aisle, and for aimlessly wondering around the “baby stuff” (as my daughter likes to call it) while she entertains herself with all the toys she doesn’t have at home, and that I don’t have to buy. (BONUS!)

Now, maybe to some of you that sounds crazy, and to you I am very sorry that you have yet to experience my oasis. But, to the yoga pant wearing, Starbucks drinking, messy hair don’t care mamas…you get it. And, when I pass you down the home goods aisle, we do the unofficial mommy greeting. You know, the head nod, the smile, the unspoken “I’m at home, at peace, and one with the world” vibes that we give one another. Instantly, we’ve bonded in a way that not even our husbands will understand.

These little trips to the store are actually big outings to an adult (and child friendly) playground. When my day is crazy, and we need to get out of the house, and I need that “one thing” from the store…it’s time. Time to put on my mom-iform, load up the car, grab the babes, and smile all. the. way. Ok, so I live 4min from Target. A coincidence?.. maybe..

Upon arrival, I’m greeted by the strong aroma of fresh brewed coffee mixed with fresh popped popcorn. I’m instantly drawn to the friendly barista behind the counter, where I contemplate the day’s biggest decision–coffee or tea? But, let’s be honest, it’s almost ALWAYS tea. 😉  Once that cup hits my hand, it’s go time.


Truthfully, there’s no telling what’s going to end up in my cart. Yes, we all go with intentions of picking up that “one thing” we need..but, let’s be honest, we’re pretty much lying to ourselves to make us feel better, because we all know that the “one thing” we NEED will turn in to several things we WANT. And, suddenly that big decision in the Starbucks line doesn’t seem as bad as the decision in the check-out line. To buy or not to buy the super cute white and gold decorative soap dish that would be perfect in your guest bathroom, even though you use bottled hand soap, and it will probably, most likely, never get used. Ahhh..decisions.. You know what I’m talking about..

Even though many times my “put-back pile” becomes larger than the items in my cart that I’m going to actually purchase, it never takes away from my experience. It’s fun to dream, right? But, I’m not so far off the ground that I don’t realize that we aren’t millionaires that can throw our money away on useless materials. Besides, we all know it’s the baby clothes that I can never pass up.. 😉

If you’ve yet to experience this, I urge you to try it..and embrace it. In order to successfully achieve the “Target Experience” you’ll need to do these 5 steps:

  1. Wear your comfiest yoga pant/sweatshirt and sport shoe combo.
  2. Fill your purse with plenty of kid-friendly snacks to ensure you and your kiddo(s) don’t become famished–good to plan ahead, you’ll be there awhile.
  3. Order a venti or trenta of whatever Starbucks deliciousness you decide on, because..see previous step.
  4. Take your time-don’t skip any aisles-you don’t want to miss anything.
  5. Be sure to give all the other mamas the infamous mama greeting–because, after all, this is our place, and we all need to stick together. It’s us against the world..or our kids..

Now, I know these steps could sound overwhelming, and it may seem like a big commitment. But, I promise you, they are necessary for optimal Target pleasure. And, if you decide to skip these steps, wear whatever the heck you want, grab popcorn instead of Starbucks…it really doesn’t make much of a difference, and I’m pretty sure these steps were made up to make me sound legit.

You do you and enjoy yourself however you decide. And, you will, because…it’s Target. 🙂


Check out this athleisure look from my most recent Target trip. Perfect for running errands and running after a toddler! 😉


My sweatshirt is from the Victoria’s Secret sport collection, my leggings are Fabletics, and my shoes are Nike.

My top favorite athleisure brands:

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