Mommy Monday


There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than being a mom. Nothing. My daughter brings me so much joy, love, laughter and life, and fills my heart and soul in such a different way, unlike anything else. I never fully understood a mama’s love, until I became a mama myself. I knew my mom loved me and would do anything for me, but that’s just scratching the surface. I didn’t realize how this little being could feel so much a part of me, and that she was meant for me. Call me crazy, but I totally believe in soul mates, and she is definitely one of mine.

That being said, I’ve never experienced something so difficult, demanding, exhausting, at times frustrating, and just down right HARD. Maybe I grew up with the best mama ever, (actually, I know I did) but, she made it look so easy! I still don’t know how she did it all-3 times! Yet, somehow she managed to raise each one of us, be there for us, discipline us, teach us, laugh with us, cry with us, and never EVER let one of us down. She’s a saint. And, that’s what I have to live up to! Although that may not be accomplished, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to try my absolute hardest to be the best mama I can be for my children.


My little girl is my world, and I am hers. Right now, she looks at me like I am her everything. I know one day that might change, but I also know the way I look at her will never change. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be her mama!!

For our brunch outing, we decided to style our outfits with comfort in mind. Because you have to wear stretchy pants and oversized sweaters when you’re going to be stuffing your face with fluffy pancakes, made-to-order omelettes, and cinnamon-blueberry coffee cake. 😉


Charlotte’s sweater is from Baby Gap, her denim jeggings and black ankle booties are from Old Navy, and her hair wrap is from Von Maur.


My sweater is from Dry Goods, my black v-neck tee is from American Eagle, my leggings are from Fabletics, and my over-the-knee boots are from Harrods in London.


From my heart to yours,



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