Fashion Friday

Hello, Friday! I welcome you with open arms! Was it just me, or did it feel like this week was never going to end? Maybe it was the gloomy weather, maybe it was my teething child, maybe it was the second-degree burn I gave myself with my curling iron, or maybe it was the “terrible-two” tantrums that my daughter has started throwing already at 17 months of age… Whatever it was, this was NOT my week, but we made it through. How, you ask? By the grace of God, by the caffeine in my cup, and by the cute fashion we were rocking to help us feel better. 🙂


I truly believe that when you feel good about yourself, you feel better about whatever your day throws at you. I mean, come on, how can you not feel even a little better if you’re rocking a sweet pair of jeans that makes your booty pop, or your favorite heels that instantly make you look longer and leaner. Trust me, that confidence will show, and spill over into your day, making it not seem as bad as you think it may be. Because, when you pass a mirror and spot the cute outfit you styled, you can’t help but smile. 🙂


Fashion is such a fun expression of yourself and those little joys can make all the difference! Don’t believe me? Next time your day is rough, throw together one of your favorite looks, complete with accessories and amazing shoes, and I dare you not to feel better!


Need the perfect black tee with criss cross detail? That’s a terrible question, because I already know the answer is YES. Go get yourself this cute top here from She Is Boutique. Bonus! It’s under $30!! You’re welcome! 😉 Also, you can find my aviators here and similar bracelet sets here.

From my heart to yours,


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